Our hard-working artists can't survive the next 6 weeks without your support.

Thank you for believing in us!


Our goal is to sell 100 gift cards. It will pay our rent & health insurance for 6 weeks!

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Enjoy our Wall of Kindness!

Update March 24, 8 pm: Guys! I'm in tears and filled with hope. We received so many encouraging messages from you. They are a testament to human kindness! May we all be inspired!

"We are in this together...."

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Yes, we are still making & shipping gifts!

Use SHARELOVE for 25% off

Our Story

I started this business 7 yrs ago, when was just 25- out of my tiny bedroom.

I knew nothing about running a business.

I just wanted to help people celebrate their love.

And to my surprise, customers believed in me.

This business ONLY exists because YOU took a chance on me.

We’re now a team of 5 women here in San Francisco.

It’s so hard to make a living being an artist, and even harder to survive alongside huge corporations like Amazon.

I’m really proud to give jobs to these women, and I’m really proud of what we’ve built together.

We’ve never taken a penny of investment or debt.

Right now, we’re facing financial difficulty because of the pandemic.

People just aren’t thinking about gifts right now, understandably.

We have applied for business grants, but not sure when we’ll hear back.

If just 100 people purchase a gift card, we'll be able to survive the next 6 weeks (pay our rent & employee health insurance)

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!!

Discounted Gift Cards

  • Use it for a future gift (Never expires!)
  • If 100 people buy a gift card, we will be able to to pay our rent and employee’s health insurance for the next 6 weeks.
  • Next time you're desperately in need of a gift, I will personally be your gift concierge. You can call me, text me, email me. I'm here for you.