About Us

We know that finding the perfect gift can be REALLY stressful.

We're here to save the day!


We envision a world where gifts are deeply personal & meaningful.


A True Calling

I knew that when I grew up, I wanted to experience deep, bountiful love. This yearning turned me into a true romantic. I decided to build a life where love is celebrated and expressed.

I started Paper Anniversary in 2013 out of my bedroom. I was obsessed with helping people find the most romantic, thoughtful gift for their loved one. My inbox was flooded with emails from men, saying my gifts made their wife cry like a baby. I knew I was onto something priceless. And I found my calling: helping people express their love.

Building this business has been an uphill journey. I don't have a degree in Business, and many days I have no clue what I'm doing. But I have learned these things: 1) With a team, anything is possible. 2) When your motivation is Love, even the hardest path is worth it.

Anna V

Little Anna, Age 5. Already a romantic.

Meet the Team

We are truly honored that people trust us to create gifts for their loved ones. Thank you for supporting us do what we love!

Anna V.

Founder & Head Romantic

Anna started Paper Anniversary in 2013 out of her bedroom. A self-proclaimed romantic since kindergarten, this is her dream job. What could be better than helping people express their love through timeless gifts?!


Customer Happiness & Design

If you've written in with a question, Kelly was the friendly voice helping you out! She is brilliant at turning customers' wishes into keepsakes. Her background is in Theatre & Costume Design and she loves all things creative: from hand-beading to metalwork.


Studio Manager

Dominique works hard to get all our customers' gifts handcrafted and shipped out the door quickly. She is also our resident laser engraver who etches your special words into gifts so they'll last a lifetime. In her free time, she is an artist and enjoys making ceramics and leather goods.


Graphic Designer

Elizabeth is a graphic designer who takes customer's special wording and formats it into beautiful gifts. She also proof-reads all of your orders to make sure everything looks perfect. (Nobody wants to spell their spouse's name wrong on a gift ;-)


Maker of Memories

Jordin is one of our artisans who puts love & expertise into each one of our handcrafted gifts. She is an illustrator, graphic designer, and occasional printmaker.


Maker of Memories

Kels is an artist who handcrafts one-of-a-kind gifts for our customers. She loves working with her hands- from sourdough to rug tufting. Fun fact: she used to play college basketball!


Map Designer

Najum designs our popular custom maps. She lives in Tanzania (East Africa), close to a beautiful Island called Zanzibar. She enjoys painting and loves seeing the joy in someone's face after handing them a gift!


Chief Love Officer

Toshi is our Mini Goldendoodle. He inspires us all to love more fearlessly and unconditionally. When he's not busy chasing his tail, he's packing & shipping orders. (The mailman is his biggest hero)

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