100% Happiness Guarantee

Paper Anniversary is committed in providing excellent service and wants you to have the best shopping experience ever. If you are not happy with your purchase, we want to make it right! 

For non-personalized items, simply return it within 14 days (from date of receipt) for full refund (minus shipping costs to and from the user), exchange or store credit. If you have problems with the workmanship of the gift after 14 days, please let us know.

For personalized items, we will make a replacement if there is something wrong with the workmanship or if our company made a mistake on your order. For customer mistakes (e.g. spelling order, chose the wrong size, etc) unfortunately these cannot be returned due to the personalization. We know that mistakes do happen, so we will do our best to make you a replacement at a discount cost.


To return items, please contact us at help@paper-anniversary.com for return authorization. Any items returned without authorization will be rejected. For more details about returns, exchanges, store credit & defective items, please read our Terms of Use.

Any tips for jewelry care?

Our paper jewelry is covered in a durable glaze for shine and protection. It's alright if the pieces get a bit wet, but they should not be worn in the shower. Do not leave our jewelry for long periods on surfaces that it may stick to (ex. paper, plastic), or in direct sunlight. Jewelry is made of fine Sterling Silver, which could naturally oxidizes over time. To reduce tarnish, store our jewelry in a soft cloth enclosed in a sealed plastic bag. With the proper care, you can enjoy our jewelry for years to come.

Other Questions?

Click here to contact us. Anna will reply within a few hours.