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Celebrating the Paper Anniversary Gifts Tradition

Like many couples, maybe you are celebrating your one-year anniversary by following the paper tradition. Did you know that since the Victorian Ages, there's been a traditional material associated with each anniversary year? The traditional 1-year anniversary gift is paper, the second anniversary gift is cotton, and so on. Each year, the material becomes more luxurious (the 60th wedding anniversary is diamond!) There are many theories why we give paper for the 1st anniversary. One idea is that the woven fibers of paper represent the interweaving of your lives, as a married couple. Another hypothesis is that paper represents the "blank page," and the start of writing your story together as a couple. Whatever it means to you, it's truly a fun tradition that has a long history! 


Our mens gifts include complimentary personalization with your wedding song, wedding vows, or even your actual wedding invitations. This is your chance to take an active part in helping design your husband's one-year anniversary gift! Your special words are professionally inscribed on paper, and sealed so it'll last a lifetime. Super sentimental, and so unique to YOU!