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I have a confession for you all. 


Expensive roses, waxy chocolates, all the pressure, the cheesiness. And can we just talk about CUPID? A fat baby angel, chasing people with a weapon.... No thank you. Creepy on so many levels.

Okay, okay, by now you’re probably thinking “How dare you say that, Anna!! You’re the magical elf that helps couples save the day with romantic Valentine's Gifts!”

Before you leave and never talk to me again, let me explain.

Even though I HATE Valentines Day, I still celebrate it. And you should too.

Here’s why.

Maybe your partner tells you, “Eh, we don’t have to do anything for Valentines.” And you’re like, “Yeah, it’s just a lame Hallmark holiday. I’m cool to skip it.” WARNING!! This is a TRAP, and it never ends well. Your partner will just end up scrolling Instagram, watching Jane & Bob drink a 2014 Pinot Noir by candlelight. They’ll feel resentful and left out. YOU deserve to be drinking a 2014 Pinot Noir by candlelight!

Here’s the thing…. no matter how evolved we think we are, our brains are like Kindergartners when it comes to envy.

We all want to feel recognized and appreciated. And this lame holiday is actually a good opportunity to make your special someone feel special. EVEN IF your partner says they don’t want to celebrate, doesn’t want to celebrate, BE THE HERO and do something anyways.

Here are my 3 foolproof tips to win at Valentine's day.

Tip 1. Make a game plan 3-5 days ahead.

Once you’ve got a plan, TELL YOUR PARTNER. The anticipation is everything!

Tip 2. Plan something that you guys ALREADY love to do. 

Love hiking? Scout out a great trail, pack some extra special trail snacks, and take your sweetie there. Love reading? Light some candles, get out all the cozy blankets, and stage the most magical place to read together.

Tip 3. Do 3 thing to make your partner's life easier

It helps them know that you didn’t forget. Also aim to do at least 3 things to make your partner’s day easier. Wake up 10 minutes earlier and make them toast (don’t burn it.) Scoop the dog’s poop before your spouse gets to it. Even if they hate Valentine's Day, trust me, this will leave them feeling happy, and appreciated. And you’ll look like the best spouse ever. Day of, be sure to actually say the words, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY. It helps them know you didn't forget!

Wishing you the most painless Valentine's Day ever. Oh, and watch out for cupid.

-Anna V.


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