Best-Selling 1st Anniversary Gifts

Thousands of spouses have voted: these are our top 1st anniversary gifts for him and her. You're guaranteed to make them smile with one of our most popular paper gifts, whether it's beautiful paper jewelry or personalized cuff links. These products all have a 5-star overall rating. Read our real customer reviews here!

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Need Help Choosing?

Not sure what to get your husband or wife for your 1st anniversary gift? Our # 1 best-selling gift is the Moonlight Pearl Gift Set. Women love it because it's undeniably romantic and elegant. Plus, its genuine pearls give it such classic style! Our best-selling 1st anniversary gift for men is the custom cuff links and tie clip. Women are always telling me how surprised their husband was by them! Want a second opinion? Don't hesitate to contact me! I'm happy to help you choose the perfect gift for your spouse.