Tory & Juan • Only Getting Better with Time

Story about anniversary

Tory and Juan recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary and I had the honor to create a personalized leather tray for them. When Tory told me their philosophy about gifts, I knew I wanted to hear more about their traditions as a couple! 

Tory told me, "Every year since we met, we have made it a point to give each other meaningful gifts rather than just materialistic possessions, whether it be a collage of some of our favorite memories of the year or a piece of art from the night we got married.”

Their Personalized Leather Tray

Inscribed on the brown leather tray is their initials- J & T- and the date of their first anniversary, 8·6·17. Tory said of her gift, “This year I decided to choose something handy and meaningful. Every night we take off our rings to go to sleep and we put them in this leather tray.”

review of personalized leather tray
tory and juan custom leather tray

High School Sweethearts

Tory explained how she and Juan first connected: “Juan and I met at a coffee shop when we were both in high school. We played a game of Scrabble and he won me over with his way with words!” 

Memories From Catalina

Tory and Juan held their wedding on beautiful Catalina Island at the Catalina Country Club. Their stunning photos, taken by Marianne Lucas Photography, convey such love and affection. The location imparted sunlight and palm trees, while the couple supplied a calm certainty.

Tory Juan First Anniversary

Only Getting Better with Time

So, how has marriage been for Tory and Juan in their first year? “Marriage is so much fun,” Tory said. "For us, it’s about finding the perfect balance of crazy and in love.” She explained that her custom leather tray fits them just right: “It represents us as a couple, worn but still beautiful and only getting better with time."

“The leather tray represents us as a couple- worn but still beautiful, and only getting better with time.”

I am happy to hear such happiness has come from Tory and Juan's first year of marriage. I wish them well in their second year, and beyond!


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