Talia & John - A Boardwalk Proposal

Talia and John first anniversary long island NY

Every time I see a hand-addressed envelope in my mailbox, I'm instantly filled with excitement. Curiosity. Anticipation of what I'll discover inside.

As the head designer at Paper Anniversary by Anna V., customers mail me their wedding invitations and ask me to keepsake gifts out of them. It's seriously a dream job!

When I received an envelope from Talia, I knew I was in for a beautiful surprise. She asked us to create custom cufflinks as a first anniversary gift for her husband John.

Talia first anniversary gift

Inside the envelope was her wedding card, printed with a dreamy photo of her and her husband John. Year and a Day Photography is the mastermind behind these gorgeous photos. (If you're in New York, you should definitely check out their photography!) We all gathered round with "ooooh's" and "ahhhh's." The big blue sky.... the wind flowing through her wedding dress.... the spontaneous moment of love you can see between the happy couple. 

We sent her various design proofs, so she could visualize how we'd feature her wedding card in the custom cufflinks. She chose to include the sand/sky horizon line in the cufflinks. (We LOVED her choice!) The wedding card was printed on luxurious cardstock from Minted.


custom wedding cufflinks

"Our wedding was on the hottest day in July but it was breathtaking and the best day of our lives." 
The beach is a very sentimental place in Talia & John's love story. He proposed on the boardwalk in Long Beach, New York, and they continued their beach-themed lifestyle by choosing a beach location for their wedding venue. They were married on July 23, 2016 at the Sunny Atlantic Beach Club in Atlantic Beach, New York. Talia told me, "Our wedding was on the hottest day in July but it was breathtaking and the best day of our lives." 

Hopefully when John sees the cufflinks, the glimpse of the beach will take him back to that "happy place" where their love story began.

Talia wedding cufflinks


What did Talia love most about the custom cufflinks?

"The idea of having our wedding card being put to good use was meaningful for me. It is subtle and people might not realize what's on the cufflinks, but we will know."

The happy couple is heading to Greenport, New York to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. We hope you have a fabulous, romantic trip visiting the wineries, Talia & John! Cheers to your first year of marriage.

Credit to the wedding photos- Year and a Day Photography

Talia wedding invitation cufflinks

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