Kristi & Keith • A Love Story

What to Buy My Husband For Our Anniversary

When Kristi asked herself, “what to buy my husband for our anniversary,” she decided to go beyond the expected and find something truly meaningful. I had the honor of creating of custom cufflinks for her husband Keith, with the lyrics of their last wedding song. Kristi, a professional photographer based in NJ, was an absolute sweetheart to work with. Thank you Kristi for your photography tips- I am loving my macro lens that you suggested!

How They Met

“We lived in the same condo complex- it was a classic 'Girl upstairs' story!”

What She Loves About Him 

“What I love most about Keith is how genuine he is. He has the biggest heart and he cares about his friends and family so much. He is the most amazing father and husband anyone could hope for. I am so happy, and feel incredibly lucky. We are having a love affair!!”

Closeup Kristi Keith Kiss
Custom Bad Company CufflinksClose Up Custom Cufflinks

 Cufflink Photos by Kristi Lauren Photography

Magic Wedding Moment

“The most special moment was walking down the aisle and seeing his face. The stress melted away! Finally, time to enjoy what we'd put so much planning into. Our day was here!”

Kristi and Keith got married at Oheka Castle in Long Island, New York. Their Photographer, Samm Blake, captured the afternoon beautifully. Kristi and Keith have an amazing calm about them in these photographs. In their gazes and body language, they are focused only on each other and not the chaos that can come with a wedding celebration.

Couple Walks Down Aisle

What Marriage Has Taught Her

“What I have learned is that we are a team. That we are always here for each other and that with unconditional support you can do anything. There is no one in the world I would rather have in my corner. Family is everything.”

Their First Anniversary

“I celebrated pregnant and in bed with strep throat! But we did enjoy the top of our cake! Just as good as it was on our wedding day."

"Anna’s cuff links were an AMAZING way to commemorate our first Anniversary. They feature the lyrics of our last dance on our wedding night. It was the perfect end to the perfect day and Keith twirled me all over the dance floor! We consider that our song now.”

Kristi Keith First Dance

Cheers to Kristi and Keith

I'm so grateful that Kristi found us, when she asked herself, "what to buy my husband for our anniversary?” Here's to many more!

Kristi Keith Kiss Outside Castle

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