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Anna & Cary - Wedding cufflinks for groom

Anna & Cary Ross are a beautiful couple that I have the honor to call true friends. I had the chance to create custom wedding cufflinks for him, and a 1st anniversary gift for her

I've known Anna since childhood (we both grew up in Waukesha, Wisconsin) and within 60 seconds of meeting Cary, I knew they were perfect for each other. Two individuals with strong voices and kind hearts; they seem to complement each other in every way. Their love, devotion and relationship have personally inspired me and made me reflect on what I want for my own life.

The happy couple met through Cary's childhood friend Kaitlin. After they had moved home from college, Kaitlin invited Anna to a Green Bay Packer football party that was hosted at Cary's house. The rest was history!

Anna's always been a fiercely creative and innovative woman; when she's not teaching, she sells handmade baby gifts in her Etsy store Anna Ross Designs. Naturally, her talent was expressed in every last detail in her autumn Wisconsin wedding (from designing her own dress, to making all of her bridal bouquets!)  

autumn wedding bouquet

Anna's creativity was expressed in every last detail in her autumn Wisconsin wedding (from designing her own dress, to making all of her bridal bouquets!) 

Anna wanted to surprise Cary with wedding cufflinks, right before their wedding ceremony. In her true style, she wanted to create something truly unique and personalized for her groom. She commissioned us to create wedding cufflinks that feature the lyrics of her wedding song- Tenerife Sea by Ed Sheeran. We worked together to pick the most meaningful verse from the song, to feature. 

They were married on November 14th, 2015 at the Red Circle Inn in Nashotah, WI. The morning of her wedding, while the groom was in his hotel room with his groomsmen, and the bride was busy getting ready with her bridesmaids, she had the cufflinks delivered over to Cary's room. The talented Nakasato Photography was able to capture some priceless photos of the groom and his father.

custom wedding cufflinks for groom

The bride, Anna, commissioned us to create wedding cufflinks to surprise her groom on the day of their wedding. The cufflinks feature her wedding song lyrics.

groom cufflinks with wedding song lyrics

"Should this be the last thing I see, I want you to know it's enough for me. Cause all that you are, is all that I'll ever need." -Ed Sheeran, Tenerife Sea

Every detail of their wedding was so meaningful, genuine and heartfelt. They wrote their own vows, which brought tears to nearly everyone's eyes. Her aunt baked 1,000 cookies in over 10 varieties. It was a wedding that celebrated what really matters- love, family and friends.

Soon after their wedding, their vows "in sickness and in health" became a reality, as Cary helped care for Anna, as she underwent two brain surgeries and radiation. Their first year of marriage brought challenges that most newlyweds don't expect to encounter, but they went through it with resilience. One year later, they celebrated their 1st wedding anniversary at the same spot they were married. They dined at their wedding venue, The Red Circle Inn, which is also the oldest restaurant in Wisconsin!

At their anniversary dinner, Cary surprised Anna with a paper anniversary gift to commemorate their wedding vows. He had secretly sent me a copy of their wedding vows, and I inscribed a portion of them onto paper, which I enclosed in a sterling silver necklace.

Anna sent us this beautiful testimonial:

"I love how even though we had a rough year, Cary was still giving of himself and surprised me with a beautiful, thoughtful gift! I look forward to many more years together. The necklace brought back the memories of Cary's vows and the surprise of his words and meaning behind them. It took me back to our wedding day!"

There's no greater joy for me, than to bring you back to your wedding day! Thanks Anna & Cary for letting me create these special keepsakes for you. I wish you happiness and love in your second year of marriage!

Photo credit: Nakasato Photography

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