About Paper Anniversary by Anna V.

Hi! I'm Anna V. My passion started as a young girl- I was obsessed with making origami paper cranes. My hands took to the paper like second nature, and I eventually invented a way to make paper jewelry. To my surprise, men started asking to buy it for their 1st wedding anniversary. (I didn't know at the time, but the traditional first anniversary gift is paper). The response was unbelievable! Customers started asking me to design 2nd anniversary gifts... then 3rd anniversary gifts... It's been 4 years now since I started Paper Anniversary by Anna V, and what a thrill it is to expand our gift collections every year. It's such an honor to work with loyal customers, year after year. There's nothing I love more than hearing your love story! My mission is to help couples find meaningful, handcrafted anniversary gifts that can be delivered in 1 day. My core values are impeccable design and incredible customer service. I live in San Francisco, California and I love my family, nature and volunteering as a speech therapist.


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